Rick Owens- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

It’s in the underground of the Palais de Tokyo, where raw concrete is mixed with pipes and visible electric wires that Rick Owens chose to present his latest womenswear collection. The American designer creates women that become mythological creatures whilst also looking like science fiction characters. By the way the faces of several models are completely covered up in silver or gold. The volumes come back to the tunics, and appear to be carried by a wave of parachute textures or quilted on the front, or on the contrast behaving like wings with several panels of fabric on the back. Rick Owens also chose to add a romantic side with the sequins that we find particularly on the long tube dresses or on strips at the bottom. The work on the volumes and materials remains very interesting, not only to look at but also to wear. To note: this incredibly audacious and sublime makeup. Interview: Rick Owens: So when I first saw this space I thought it was a little too chaotic and I just dismissed it, but then I thought maybe I had been using spaces that were a bit severe for a while, and I thought maybe we needed something more asymmetrical, more chaotic, more decaying, and more romantic maybe...And I liked the idea of softening the clothes, and collapsing them and becoming more sinuous, instead of the rigid things I might have been doing in the past, I thought it was a nice time to do that, and as long as I was doing that I thought that I would do sequins too, I’ve always loved sequins but I thought how do I put them in my universe? How do I make them severe and quiet and neutral in a way? So we’ll see if that experiment worked.When I was draping, I always start my collection draping things, and I was thinking it was the silhouette of a seahorse, and it’s so graceful, and I thought that was such a charming idea, the name of the collection was sphinx, and I thought there was this nice mood of mystery and mythology and I thought that it was very poetic. Music from the show

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