Rick Owens show- MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

Purity vs. flamboyancy for Rick Owens’ men/creatures Designer: Rick OwensSilhouette: Rick’s basics of T-shirts - long tunics and sweaters worn over oversized trousers, coveralls, trench coats and new short jackets in leather and shearling.Fabrics: Leather, fur, quilted down, knit, shearlingColours: Camel touches, rust and orange paint strokesTo Note: The volumes notably on the new sweaters-covers in different fabrics take effect at the end of the Rick Owen showInterview from Rick Owens: When I think of men’s clothes, personally I prefer simplicity, almost severe simplicity when it comes to men. A lot of embellishment isn’t really my thing when I think of what I want to see men wearing or what I want to propose to them. So this season I reduced, but of course reduction isn’t very fun without a few moments of complete flamboyance or voluptuousness. So even though I was trying to do a pure impression, I indulged in impurity as well, because voluptuousness when it goes all the way becomes almost unhealthy. I have always loved that moment of when it becomes a little unhealthy. So when I looked at this collection I was looking at purity and impurity at the same time.I used bigger volumes, more fabric and not glamorous fabrics, in fact, industrial fabrics. If I use glamorous fabrics I like to use them in the most casual way and I like to elevate industrial fabrics by using them in a glamorous way. Music of the show (do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

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