Rick Owens - MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Rick OwensInspiration: after the last collection entitled "Mastodon" which dealt with extinction, this time Rick leads us to an evolution theme with "Walrus" (the elephant seal)Silhouette: softer,purer.A question of volumes with ultra short jackets and loose tunics and trousers+ A play on draping & tiesFocus on: The touches of vibrant colours around yellow, orange, burgundyFocus on: the Rick Owens tuxedo with a sublime jacket worn over a loose jumpsuitInterview from Rick Owens:Last season was titled Mastodon becasue I thought about extinction, this season the title is Walrus because they're obviously not extinct but they look like they have been through a lot of evolution and they have some kind of physical liniage to masterdons they have that look, so I am thinking about graceful evolution and how one approaches changes and what we can do to make cycles inevitable cycles how we can absorb them in a serene way.When I see these clothes I feel like they have an expansive spirit, I feel like there is a tenderness in them I think it is a more gentle collection because it is hard for me to think gently about men.I have got softer, I know that I have got softer and maybe that has to do with the confidence of getting older and having to have less bravato so we will see how that ends up!Music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show

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