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Ming Xi, the Instagram star model presents her collaboration with The Kooples

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Ming xi, one of the 3 most well-known chinese models, has also designed a series of bags in collaboration with the kooples. meet the top model followed by more than 1,1 million instagram followers.interview with ming xi:i would say who does not want to accept this collaboration? the kooples is such a cool, chic brand, and like the quality is good and they’re you know international. i mean it’s my honour to have this chance to collab with them.basically, i just put everything that i like together, you know different days i have a different style, different days i like different things, but i picked the most thing that i want to share with everyone.you can see what you put in, i think that’s the fun part, like if you have like a really colourful and cute keychain and you put it this side, see it is see-through, and if you have something important you have this little like zip you can put your card and money inside, and you know you just basically put whatever you want people to see here and what you don’t want people to see here, and put your secrets here. it was a really hard time for me actually because like i have too many things that i want to share with like all my friends all my fans and plus the kooples give us like a very wide range, they are like ‘we can do everything!’, i’m like ‘o.k, but i really don’t know what to, what to pick!’ so, at the end i picked something like very specific like i like for this like you know this 6 months, yeah like very in. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).