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A summer full of colour

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These statements from different designers are clear: summer will be colourful. a real rainbow in our wardrobe that will bring us lots of vitamins. here are the 4 key tones to buy. let’s start with yellow. the colour of the sun. sparkling and energising. with a tanned tint for even more effect. from the beach dress to the red carpet, yellow has become one of the main colours this season. blue, the colour of the sky or the sea. it brings a sense of calm. with a true feeling of freedom. we can choose lighter tones or a more intense blue, always sublime to wear. green is very present. like a call to nature. this desire for freshness, to connect with what surrounds us outside. it’s also a colour that goes very well with every skin tone. finally, a special mention for the return of pink. always attractive for the summer. pink puts you in a good mood and has the virtue of bringing good vibes, like a treat, a sweet to chew in the middle of summer. with interviews: olivier rousteing:in fact, it’s a pop collection marco de vincenzo:i thought about a human rainbowmassimo giorgetti:there are all my favourite colourswes gordon:our women love colour