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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Anne-Sophie Baillet-Founder of Atelier Paulin

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Interview with anne-sophie bailletwhy is the best yet to come?the best is yet to come because i am a very positive person and for me, we must move forward and always look ahead and never behind. that’s how we build. how do we reinvent ourselves?by being curious. i am very curious about life and people. i love watching what’s around me and i think it’s the basis for challenging yourself and moving forward. can fashion be a driver of change?obviously, since fashion embodies change, through fashion, we pass on very strong ideas and it’s interesting that it’s an important means of communication and of conveying key ideas. what about a 100% digital fashion?yes and no, because today, with globalisation, digital is evidently indispensable and a great communication tool, and no because i think we must continue to convey emotion through experience which is something concrete. we have to keep the shops and maintain the link between the craftsmen and the customer. how do you interpret “better – differently – less” in fashion?very simply, by using local resources, favouring crafts and having no stocks, by manufacturing on demand. these three points are essential to continue and envision a better future for fashion. what will jewellery be like in the future? emotion, because emotion is what people look for today and it’s what we convey through our jewellery and personalisation. people want to feel things. they want to know why they are made and through personalisation we can express all that, as well as the emotions of our customers, which is very important. what is your next challenge?empowering customers by allowing them to consume less but better.